Pre-arranging your funeral can provide peace of mind for you and for your survivors.

At the time of death, it can be overwhelming to have to make rational choices about the funeral. Pre-planning allows you to make these choices ahead and write down your choices so survivors know your wishes.

Pre-arranging can also protect financial resources meant to be used for funeral costs and relieve survivors of the burden of payment.

Our funeral director will meet with you and go over every detail of your proposed funeral. Everything will be itemized, including costs and method of payment.

In Person

We would be honored to visit with you. Please call us at
262-763-3434 or 262-878-2011 to make arrangements with one of our caring directors.

The online pre-planning form was designed to allow us to gather basic information about you and your desired funeral service. If you would like to plan your service in its entirety, please use the links below to begin our pre-plan.

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